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The following directory lists attorneys that
provide representation and defense for people accused of crimes, from misdemeanors to serious felonies, as part of their area of practice and expertise in San Diego, California.

Aron & Hogue Attorneys at Law - Real Estate Law, Criminal Defense, Business Formation, and Civil Litigation. Our clients' interests are at the heart of everything we do. Our emphasis on building and maintaining collaborative relationships drives our performance. We are grateful for our community of clients and friends and welcome the opportunity to include you and your business. Partners: William M. Aron and Jeffery L. Hogue. Address and Contact Information: Golden Eagle Plaza, 525 "B" Street, Suite 1500, San Diego, CA 92101 | Phone: (619) 858-4748 | E-mail: |

Law Offices of Stephen G. Cline - Our office specializes in the defense of clients charged with all violations of state or federal criminal law.  Although we are fully experienced and equipped to handle the jost complex violent felony cases (i.e. Murder, Robbery, Burglary, Assault, Domestic Violence and all Sex Crimes etc…), we strive to provide that same level of representation for clients facing all forms of misdemeanor violations (i.e. Drunk Driving, Petty Theft, Fraud, Fish/Game, and Traffic violations etc…) Address and Contact Information: 852 5th Ave. #300, San Diego, CA 92101 | Phone: 619-235-2638 | Fax: 619-234-8770 | E-mail: |

Grimes and Warwick - Robert L. Grimes - Bob Grimes is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist. His practice is restricted to the defense of individuals or corporations who are subject to investigation and/or prosecution by state and federal authorities with an office in San Diego, California. Grimes & Warwick, 2664 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, California 92103-6515. Phone: 619-232-9700 | Fax: 619-232-8857. Email: Robert Grimes:

Law Offices of Domenic J. Lombardo - San Diego County criminal defense firm serving every branch of the San Diego Superior Court and the Federal District Court for Southern California. Call for a free consultation. Bail and warrant information available free upon request. - Address and Contact Information: 1202 Kettner Blvd # 4200, San Diego, CA 92101 | Phone: 619-232-5122 | Fax: 619-232-5144 |

Samuel Spital & Associates -  San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers. We are also here for you as your San Diego DUI Attorney. We represent individuals charged with a criminal felony and/or a misdemeanor at all levels of the juvenile, state and federal trial and appellate courts in California. Nationwide referrals. Samuel Spital & Associates, 8880 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 800, San Diego, CA 92108-1642 | Phone: (619) 583-2200 | Toll Free: 888-600-0700 | Fax: 619-583-1850 |

Kay L. Sunday - Attorney at Law - Practicing in the San Diego area as a criminal defense attorney for 20 years. Ms. Sunday has a strong emphasis in serious felony work including 15 homicide trials, but also handles less serious felonies and misdemeanors. Address and Contact Information: 2445 Fifth Avenue, Suite 200, San Diego,  California  92101. Work Phone: (619) 231-3111 | Fax: (619) 237-0128 or (619) 656-0121. | email:

Brian J. White - Attorney at Law - Certified Criminal Law Specialist - As a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, with offices in San Diego, California, I represent people accused of crimes, from misdemeanors to serious felonies.  I practice in both State and Federal Courts. Brian J. White - Attorney at Law, 4320 Iowa Street, San Diego, CA 92104 | Phone: (619) 231-9188 | Fax (619) 231-9197 | e-mail:

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