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California Equities - Real Estate - Finance
San Diego, California

California Equities is a San Diego based real estate and mortgage brokerage company. Our strong presence on the web reflects our philosophy of the business. We feel that by providing you with the best available information regarding rates, loan status and loan programs you can make an informed decision to do business with us.

"We are available through e-mail, over the phone, or we'll even meet you at your home."

Our loan officers will analyze your needs and goals individually and offer suggestions to help you achieve them. This is what we feel separates us from most internet mortgage companies. Often, if you apply online you are dealt with strictly through e-mail and there is a constant change of people working on your transaction who do not know you, your goals or even anything about mortgage lending. Many companies do not even have loan officers!

We believe they are an integral part to the mortgage business because they are the most knowledgeable people to advise you on loan programs, rate lock-ins, documentation options and down payment scenarios. Our loan officers are available through e-mail, over the phone, and will even meet you at your home or office if that is more convenient. If you are purchasing a property this hands-on accountability creates superior service and responsiveness that can determine if your offer gets accepted or if you close on time.

California Equities
Glenn Wilbor, President and Founder
Corporate Offices: 14677 Via Bettona #110233, San Diego CA 92127

Phone: (858) 759-9123; Fax: (858) 435-4329; Toll Free Phone: (877) 829-REFI (7334)

E-mail: or

Internet: California Equities - Real Estate - Finance -

Equal Housing Lender, California Lender Licence #01410477


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