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Pacific Pension Designs, Inc. - San Diego, California

Qualified Plan Design and Administration
Qualified Pension, 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans

Our services provide independent professional assistance to your company, as well as to your accounting and legal advisors. Each Plan is custom designed to your individual specifications. Professional expertise and years of experience, are the basis for all recommendations to meet your needs and objectives.

All plans are monitored on an ongoing basis, and if changes are needed to comply with law, knowledgeable alternatives are presented and explained by our consultants.

Individuality and customized flexibility are the key factors in the Plans we design, draft and administer, Below are the primary services offered by Pacific Pension Plans, Inc.

Clifford D. Oshier, President

Pacific Pension Plans, Inc.
4655 Ruffner Street, Suite 210, San Diego, CA 92111-2226
Phone: (858) 974-4990; Fax: (858) 974-4986.

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